Gifticus is the convenient, easy to use website that allows you to set up a gift list and share it with your friends. We make things as simple as possible - just create an account, login and begin your experience. No widgets to download, no waiting for fancy graphics to load, no bells and whistles that are there purely for show. Just decide what you want and add it to your list. What could be simpler?

Gifticus was created for a very simple reason - I never had any idea what to get people for their birthdays. People always seem to get upset when you ask them, for reasons I will never understand, so I figured, if everyone could keep a list, which could be updated as they please, sort of like a gift registry, then it would make gift buying decisions much easier, and nobody would ever have to ask again.

Obviously, this brilliant concept applies for gifts of any occasion (or no occasion at all), so I decided that it was in the best interest of mankind as a whole that this website be available to everyone.

As Gifticus has evolved, features have been added that allow you to keep a list of friends and track their special occasions (with email reminders, if you like). This way, not only will you always remember your friends' special days, but you'll also know exactly what to get them.

Please feel free to use Gifticus to keep your own list of desired gifts so that other people will always know what it is that you want. You should also use Gifticus to search other peoples' lists when trying to figure out what to get them. The more people who get involved, the better off everyone will be.

I hope you enjoy this little website I have put together. Happy gifting, and always remember...

...the best gift you can give someone is a gift that they want!